Literature is a new culture area for Kultur Gävleborg. The regional initiatives aim to coordinate, collaborate, showcase, strengthen and support literature as an art form. Guidance is provided in the national goal formulated in the report Läsandets kultur (SFS 2012:65): Alla, oavsett bakgrund och förutsättningar, ska ges tillgång till litteratur av hög kvalitet (Reading culture: Everyone, regardless of background and conditions, shall be given access to high-quality literature).

Kultur Gävleborg intends to develop strategies and infrastructure for dialogue and collaboration with authors as well as representatives of the municipalities, the literary actors in civil society and the cultural and creative industries. This is the basis for future choices and development of the area.

Cultural actors with a regional assignment in literature can take the development areas of the Regional Culture Plan into account by:

  • identifying the county’s literature professionals
  • creating meeting places for the county’s actors for the exchange of experience, skill-promotion efforts and collaboration 
  • designing concepts for regional literary arenas that create interaction between inhabitants and literary actors 
  • including the national minority lang­uages’ literature and literature in the different languages of the county’s residents in regional initiatives 
  • exploring opportunities for mentoring and literary residency activities in the county 
  • developing cross-cutting efforts for young adults in literary writing, in col­laboration with the county’s organisers and educational organisations