About the Project

Demonstration section

The Swedish Transport Agency, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Innovation Agency VINNOVA have ordered a report detailing how Swedish road transport systems can continue to be developed in the future, and whether an electric road for heavy vehicular traffic is the best alternative.

To get the desired decision data, it was decided to establish two demonstration sections, based on two different technologies, and to test these on two separate road sections in Sweden. The demonstration stretch on the E16, between Hillsta (Kungsgården) interchange and Sandviken Västra interchange (direction Gävle) is one of them. In one direction, the section will be equipped with poles, 60 meters apart, holding up electricity cables in the right driving lane. The poles are protected by a railing.

A transformer with monitoring personnel will be set up outside the road area, at the rest area. The system is automatic, but during the demonstration period the facility will always be manned when in operation. The rest area is provided with an electrified loop, to demonstrate starting and stopping the trucks. The tests are expected to conclude by 2018.

This project is a collaboration between industry, academia and government, and coordinated by Region Gävleborg. The main sponsors of the project are the Swedish Energy Agency, Scania and Siemens.

Demonstration Period

During the demonstration period, June 2016 – December 2017, the road section will be run by two different hybrid trucks, who will drive on the stretch for one week each month. The only difference between these trucks and regular trucks, is that they are equipped with a pantograph. They run without diesel and are quiet and environmentally friendly. The trucks will drive at a normal speed and will not impact the traffic in the area in any way.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the project is to investigate the possibility of replacing some of the heavy vehicle traffic with a more environmentally friendly alternative in the future.

Region Gävleborg are coordinating the collaboration between a number of parties; Siemens, Scania, Sandvik, Ovako, Outokumpu, SSAB, Boliden Mineral, StoraEnso, Midroc Electro, PEAB, Sandviken Municipality, Sandviken Energi, Gävle Energi, Gävle Hamn, Mellansveriges Logistiknav, Ernsts Express, The Adminisrative Board of Gävleborgs County, Gästrike Emergency Services, the Police, SOS Alarm, KTH, the School of Economics, the Electrical Safety Authority and the Transport Authority are some of the participating parties.

During the demonstration period, Region Gävleborg, Sandviken Municipality and Sandbacka Park will be jointly responsible for a visitor center at Sandbacka Park. In addition. different research, development and project groups will meet here, to work on issues related to safety, business models, regulations, operation and maintenance, and development of related services.