Videos and Images

ERS-conference in Högbo

Movie from the ERS-conference

ERS conference in Högbo June 14-15 2017 – where are we in a couple of years and how do we get there?

Images from the ERS-conference

Images from the ERS conference in Högbo June 14-15 2017. The images are free to download.

1st Electric Road Systems Conference 2017 - First day

Inauguration/opening ceremony of the electric highway

Photos from the inauguration/opening ceremony of the electric highway.


Movie from the inauguration/opening ceremony

Retrospective from the inauguration

During the inauguration, Lena Erixon, Director-General from Trafikverket, Anna Johansson, Minister of Infrastructure, Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Energy and Policy Coordination and Erik Brandsma, Director-General from the Swedish Energy Agency, participated, together with many more.

See the movie below which gives you a retrospective from the opening on June 22, 2016.

The whole opening ceremony

Here you can see the opening ceremony which was also broadcasted live. 

Panel discussion with partners at the opening ceremony.

Panel discussion with ministers at the inauguration

Other movies

Siemens eHighway - test facility in Germany


Electric trucks - how the technology works

First electric-road nearly ready for operation