Municipalities in Gävleborg


Here in Bollnäs, a few hours away from Stockholm, we are focusing wholeheartedly on growth. New areas near the center are starting to take shape, new housing construction and innovative thinking in our schools and child care shows exciting and creative solutions for the future. We are a community of creative people who dare to think new. Our creativity stems largely from our great interest for cultural life and long history of non-profit organizations.
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The seafront location of Gävle, between Gavleån (Gavle river) and Testeboån (Testebo river), is something that has always meant a lot to Gävle residents and businesses. This is also something we now are developing more than ever, which can be seen in investments in housing and culture in the historic docklands of Gävle Strand at the outflow of Gavleån into the sea. Here grows a unique residential waterfront, minutes from Gävle central and the main square.
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Hofors is the small municipality that has got almost everything. And what we do not have here, we have it near by. In our municipality you can live a rich life and it is not expensive to settle down here. Hofors is located in the west of the district Gästrikland 50 kilometres from Gävle and 30 kilometres from Falun. Hofors will probably always be associated with iron and steel.

Today we have our modern industrial plant, Ovako, but we can look back upon two thousand years of handling iron. Today you can easily tell that we have that background because it really characterizes our trade and industrial life. Nowadays, though, we have committed ourselves to developing a diversified trade and industry in our community.
Hofors municipality


The good life. We offer an idyllic life in a beautiful part of Sweden.
Life here has something valuable to offer. Many people choose to return here after various adventures around the world. It speaks for itself. Here town and country live in perfect harmony. Both are easily available regardless of your address.

Are lack of personal space, traffic congestion, grey rainy winter weather and expensive compact living things you dislike? Do you want to do your shopping at businesses which offer locally grown and organic foods? Many people here are passionate about these subjects. It is part of Hälsingland’s soul.

Take a closer look at the important practical issues for those who are looking to relocate here. Where would you like to live? In the city? In the countryside? In the archipelago? Where are the schools located and what type of school best suits your children? Do higher education opportunities exist and I can easily commute if I would like to? Are you wondering if it is possible to make a career here? Do you see yourself as an employee or are you dreaming about being self-employed? Do you have a business you would like to establish or relocate here? We hope we can help your visions become reality.
Hudiksvall municipality


A place where quality of life matters. The municipality of Ljusdal is located in the Swedish countryside, only a 4 hour ride north from Stockholm, with a population of 19,000. Our community has much to offer: it has many recreational opportunities and cultural offerings, plenty of space and a breathtaking scenery. We offer the settler a multifaceted community where it is easy to combine work, family life and leisure time, and we offer both the settler and the tourist a place to unwind, to find new inspiration and new paths.

This is a place a little closer to life, and whether you are visiting for a short term or decide to stay, we invite you to join our vision and make life quality your focus. Welcome! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to assist you.
Ljusdal municipality


Nordanstig located in northern Hälsingland close to the center of Sweden, between Hudiksvall and Sundsvall. The municipality stretches from the coast, with long sandy beaches, the hinterland vast forests with a sense of wilderness and the possibility of alpine skiing. Nordanstig has a rich culture and club activities in the villages. Nordanstig has many fishing lakes and hunting grounds, golf courses and riding paths.

Winter time always means a lot of snow, and if you are interested there are many ski slopes and skiing tracks for Nordic skiing. Bergsjö is the small town where the municipality office is situated; otherwise there are several villages in Nordanstig such as Gnarp Harmånger, Hassela Ilsbo, Jättendal, Strömsbruk and Stockamöllan.
Nordanstig municipality


Move to Ockelbo, indulge in the luxury of living in the countryside. Ockelbo is one of the smallest municipalities in the country. An offensive rural municipality where you are offered the same service and range of activities as in a large municipality, thanks to proximity and good communications. Treat yourself to the luxury of living in the countryside!
Ockelbo municipality


In Ovanåker municipality the close proximity to the forest and lakes is a natural part of everyday life. Child care in the municipality is well developed and there is a wide selection of nursery, primary and secondary education. There is also education for adults at secondary level and opportunities for higher education by distance learning. These combinations together with the pleasant environment makes Ovanåker ideal for families.

The municipality has a rich cultural life and many non-profit organizations to get involved in. The local industry is characterized by a long tradition of strong industrial business and small family run business. Within Ovanåker there are both beautiful houses as well as plots where you can build your own house for sale.
Ovanåker municipality


With forests, mountains and water around the corner and with a wide range of cultural, sporting and experiences Sandviken is a city in which the pieces of a good life every day are added together and become something greater. One day in Sandviken built of parts as a strong and varied business, a school that works for lifelong learning, people and knowledge from around the world and activities that provide the opportunity to realize the dreams and life projects.

Try to combine flowering countryside and lively city, ski and sea life or stimulating jobs and meaningful leisure. What comes out is a Sandviken greater than the parts, and an existence added just for you. Sandviken municipality is working for a good habitat for our 38,000 inhabitants, and to be a good workplace for over 3000 employees.
Sandviken municipality


Söderhamn is a coastal community in southern Hälsingland and has a beautiful archipelago, important both for our inhabitants and for visitors to Söderhamn. The archipelago offers a wealth of opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing and enjoying the outdoors. The countryside is surrounded by the "blue hills" and deep forests of the province Hälsingland. In the village of Söderala you find Erik-Anders, which is part of UNESCO's world heritage list.

Erik-Anders is a large, richly decorated, wooden farmhouse with associated farm buildings, reflecting the peak of prosperity for the farming landscape in the 19th century and the social status of its farmers. The municipality of Söderhamn has a population of about 25,000, whereof 12,000 inhabit the central town. Söderhamn is situated three hours travel time north of Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.
Söderhamn municipality